Real estate ownership law in Turkey

  • 04th August 2021
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Real estate ownership law in Turkey

Real estate ownership law in Turkey

Real estate ownership law in Turkey
Important information about real estate ownership in Turkey and the laws of owning a property, and do Turkish laws allow a foreigner to own a property on its lands?
The law of real estate ownership in Turkey allows foreigners to own a property within the borders of Turkish lands in accordance with a set of laws and conditions set by the government to protect the rights of the owner first and to ensure that the property does not violate any of the Turkish laws secondly.

Investors and money owners all over the world want to own a property in Turkey with the aim of making financial profits, or with the aim of living and living in Turkey and enjoying its beauty and refinement.

Turkey is the preferred destination for foreigners to buy real estate and acquire a new home, and obtain Turkish citizenship, its conditions are easy, its homes are beautiful, its investments are profitable and successful, and investors can make abundant profits.

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Property Law in Turkey
Documents required for real estate ownership in Turkey
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Advantages of owning real estate in Turkey
Real estate ownership and Turkish citizenship
The Turkish government renewed its covenant with foreigners wishing to own a property in Turkey and approved new real estate ownership legislation in 2018. The new laws recorded a remarkable growth in real estate prices and foreigners' demand to buy a property in Turkey for the purpose of housing or investment.


Property Law in Turkey
According to the texts of Turkish laws in Article 35 of the Turkish law, "a foreigner has the right to own real estate in Turkey, provided that the property to be purchased does not fall within the scope of military areas, rural areas, or any state land in general."

The real estate ownership law in Turkey paved the way for foreigners wishing to buy a property in Turkey, and provided wide facilities that facilitated the purchase process, ensured the rights of owners, established their ownership in government departments in an official capacity, and presented them with offers of Turkish citizenship.

The offer to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey came three months after receiving the title deeds, a golden opportunity after it was a dream and ambition for many around the world, due to the advantages that the Turkish passport has, most notably entry to 77 countries around the world without a visa, in addition to more than About 20 European countries easily.

Turkey also decided to cancel reciprocity and paved the way for foreign nationals to obtain the right of real estate ownership of all kinds in Turkey, despite this, a group of nationalities is still deprived of real estate ownership according to Turkish laws for political reasons, but Turkey kept the file of those deprived of real estate ownership Exceptions to regulations sometimes.


Documents required for real estate ownership in Turkey
Turkey tops the list of countries that host tourists around the world because of its beauty of nature and high engineering design, in which most foreigners spend their vacations annually, and on its lands, the most luxurious, elegant, and useful projects are built, from the Istanbul Water Canal to residential complexes in the middle of financial and business areas, and to own A real estate in Turkey A set of basic conditions must be met to be able to register the property in your name. As for the conditions for owning real estate in Turkey, they are:

A valid translated passport.
Real estate appraisal report.
Property title deed.
Mandatory earthquake insurance papers.
Documents of the real estate declaration value document issued by the municipality.
Personal photos of the seller and the buyer.
A sworn translator and two witnesses for non-Turkish speakers.
In the case of external power of attorney, the original certified copy of the power of attorney must be available.
The buyer should be from the countries entitled to own real estate in Turkey.


Steps to owning real estate in Turkey
The real estate purchase process in Turkey includes a set of legal stages that allow the buyer to obtain his preferred property. The steps of real estate ownership in Turkey begin with a deep search for the appropriate property for the specified budget and the desired goal of the purchase process, residential or investment, and then communicating with a real estate company that provides advisory services It helps you in making the right choice and paves the way for you to get your property directly and achieve your goals, then the process of verifying the property information begins in the Tapu office in Turkey, its validity for sale and its distance from military sites, then obtaining the tax number, followed by opening a bank account in Turkey and transferring money from The country of origin, in addition to detailed steps, we advise our visitors to contact the specialized Brand Real Estate team to obtain a free consultation, explain the purchase process accurately and professionally, and explain all the points with a voice call or a physical meeting.

Advantages of owning real estate in Turkey
Turkey is characterized by its beauty, the hospitality of its people, and the designs of its streets, buildings, and wonderful housing projects. The Turkish government also provides a set of laws in which tempting advantages while owning a property in Turkey, Turkish citizenship and residence after purchasing a property with full rights guarantee, guaranteeing your money, personal safety, and entertainment services for your family.

The most prominent advantages that the buyer can stand in front of when he thinks about buying a property in Turkey are as follows:

Achieving investment profits by buying, selling, or renting real estate.
Real estate residence through the purchase of a property.
Turkish citizenship after three months of buying a property worth 250 thousand US dollars.
Living in the world's best tourist and commercial areas.
Constantly high economy.
Cheap living in Turkey.
Recreational and social services at the highest levels are provided by Turkey.


Real estate ownership and Turkish citizenship
Foreigners wishing to own real estate in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship in an official and legal capacity approved by the Turkish government, for all family members with the wife and children who have not yet reached the age of 18, after purchasing and officially owning a property, provided that the value of the property is not less than $400,000.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership requires that a number of important points are available, most notably:

The property value must be at least $400.000
Undertaking not to sell the property three years from the time of its purchase in the Tapu Department.
Application for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property.
In the end, we remind you that Brand Real Estate offers anyone wishing to own real estate in Turkey, free consultation services by communicating with our specialized team, who will gladly provide you with advice and accurate integrated answers.

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