Buy Properties Online in Turkey

Obtain Turkish Citizenship and Passport Online

Buy Your Property Online in Turkey… Get Title Deed

|  Why Buy Property Online in Turkey ?

The demand for buying property online in Turkey has increased, as it is the best way to invest, due to precautionary measures, where travel has become an uneasy matter.

In addition to the preoccupations of some investors, and the lack of time to travel.

|  Who Can Help Me Buy Property Online in Turkey ?

The need to choose a reliable real estate agent is a necessity, to provide appropriate assistance in reviewing and preparing documents, and choosing the most appropriate property.

As well as following up organize all financial transactions, without the need to travel, and here comes our role in Brand Property to provide all these services to customers.

ownership Real estate in Turkey

How to Buy Property Online in Turkey

Buy Property Online in Turkey by Brand Property

|  You can own a property in Turkey and directly obtain the title deed with only few simple steps.

|  Not to mention the value of the title deed as a key importance in obtaining Turkish citizenship  online.

|  At Brand Property, we make sure that all of our clients feel complete reliability; Therefore, we deal with complete transparency and speed in providing transactions during all phases of buying a property in Turkey online. We have established approved partnerships with major construction companies in Istanbul.

|  All this in order to provide a safe and reliable service, with years of experience in the Turkish real estate market.

|  Starting with choosing the perfect property, to preparing all contracting procedures, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

ownership Real estate in Turkey


How to Choose the Best Property Online?

Real Estate Consultant

We receive your request, and provide you the best

Virtual Tour

We take you for a virtual tour to explore the interior property.

Deals Comparison

Set your preferences, choose what’s best based on your budget, location, and apartment type

Choosing Property

Reserve your property online by simple bank transaction.

Purchase Authentication

Send a copy of your passport with a certified authentication document, Brand property will buy the property for you.

Signing Contract

We will send you a signed contract, sign it and mail it back to us.

Notary Certifying

We will certify your contract by a Turkish official notary

Payment and Title Deed

We will issue your title deed, as soon as you complete the online payment.

Turkish Citizenship

Once you buy a 250.000 property, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Passports

You will obtain your Turkish passports and IDs from the Turkish embassy within 90 days