Under-construction real estate investment

  • 23rd May 2022
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Under-construction real estate investment

Great investment opportunity when buying an under construction projects

We will discuss in this article the under-construction projects in turkey and the investment chance in buying in those projects, despite the benefits you can gain through investing in under construction projects.


You can benefit from the beginning of the construction early process and make wealth from investing in the projects when there are at the first stages, we are taking about the under-construction process that could be placed as the most perfect time to buy at.

For a guaranteed real estate investment with high profits, it is necessary to choose the optimal real estate project, and here you can take several steps that depend on specific criteria such as the location, type of property, and facilities included in the project, in addition to the project’s surroundings in terms of highways and means of transportation.

Real estate investment in Turkey in general has several advantages that we will mention briefly to explain the importance of real estate investment and the profits that can be achieved.

In general, investing in the real estate sector represents safety for those wishing to achieve a guaranteed investment, maintain their financial assets, and make profits by reselling or renting real estate and achieving a high annual profit return.

  • The Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey:

Real estate projects in Turkey are characterized by high demand, and the real estate sector, in general, is characterized by stability, and steady growth annually achieving profits, and this seems clear from year to year, according to the financial institutions that evaluate the Turkish sectors in general.

A guaranteed investment growth over time and is also stable and maintained valuable. That's the real estate you are buying today its value wouldn't decrease with the passage of time.

It's expected a prosperous increase in the value of the property will rise with the urbanization plans and projects launched by the government to develop the infrastructure in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, especially those strategic projects that the government gives it all the attention, for example, the Istanbul Water Canal project, and the development of Istanbul airport.

We also must inform you about the projects with many chances that are real estate projects with a government guarantee, which means that some real estate projects are established by government companies or in a government partnership, which gives the project an additional value as the charter in completing the project at the specified times and with the specifications in plans of the project.

Turkish construction companies, in general, are characterized by years of experience in construction, finishing, and cladding, and adopt the highest specifications of luxury and elegance in the construction of modern real estate projects.

Of course, real estate projects in Turkey vary according to the region, as well as in Istanbul with its investment nature due to the importance of the city as a destination for tourism and business, and this has led to the increasing demand for buying real estate and real estate ownership in Istanbul. As Taksim and Topkapi to the existing projects in the financial and business areas such as Maslak, Nisantasi, and Kagithane on the European side and on the opposite side on the Asian side near the Istanbul Financial Center project in Umraniye and Ataşehir.

  • Starting the investment in under-construction projects

Now we will discuss the maximum profit that you can gain from investing in under-construction projects, and for this, you might ask yourself a question about how you can get the maximum profit?

First, you must pay attention that every year a specific number of building licenses are granted to construction companies operating in Turkey and distributed to all regions in Turkey, including Istanbul.

It is enough to imagine that there are a limited number of investment opportunities available in the projects under construction.

A point of view shows the importance of investing in projects under construction as well as you will become the first investors in the real estate project, and this will give you several advantages, including:

Choosing your apartment early where options are still available, you can choose the view and the floor.

Selecting the colors of the paint and the type of cladding, and putting your own touches, you can combine two apartments of different styles to get a larger space and a more beautiful and spacious gross.

The perfect offer and the best price are always at the beginning, and this is our secret that we want to give you, as most construction companies offer special offers to the first buyers, and you can have this opportunity and more where you can get payment facilities as one of the first investors.

As the first investor can also learn about the roads surrounding the real estate project and get to know the surroundings more through the field map of the site, which includes the most important transportation lines and the main transport stations that will connect you to all districts of the city.

Being the first investor, you can buy in the commercial units of the project, and here you can achieve a real estate investment with a guaranteed annual return and increasing profits.

In addition to the above, real estate investment in under-construction projects is guaranteed due to the development of the infrastructure in Istanbul, and your investment can be enhanced and achieve a higher value through urban projects extending throughout the city, such as the supply of metro lines and metro buses and connecting projects to the main roads in the city, such as the E5 and TEM Istanbul's vital arteries.

The optimal investment depends on the choice from the beginning and seizing the opportunity as the first investor in the real estate project under construction is the first step in achieving investment success.

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